CanBryte: Your Partner

CanBryte is providing best quality solar modules, inverters and racks to Canada by partnering with solar industry giant GCL as well as inverter and rack suppliers from China.

GCL Silicon was established in 2006 and is now the global top 5 PV manufacturer in solar PV capacity. GCL is awarded as the top 1 most competitive new energy company. The PV industry is under continuous reshaping. GLS has sectors covering power generation (the no.1 of non-state owned power producer), silicon wafer, photovoltaic panel manufacturing, system integration and financing. It is a sustainable and long term partnership you can rely on.


CanBryte also supplies AP System micro inverter and Chiko racks.

We bring all those strengths to service the customers in Canada, share the vision of "Green Ontario", aim to contribute to lower down the carbon foot print.

We have dedicated team for solar products and solutions which help to generate the best return out from your investment. CanBryte wish to become your partner, a partner you can trust.

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